Friday, July 27, 2018
By Kevin Routh
Meet Our Contract to Close Coordinator

Courtney Beth is the office coordinator for Springfield Realty Group of Keller Williams. She has been following through with all of our contract-to-close transactions since early 2018. Whether you are a buyer or seller with us, she will provide assistance in everything from pre-listing paperwork to closing date preparation and much more. 

Courtney grew up just a stone's throw away in Ozark, Missouri. After graduation she sought out jobs that matched her passion for photography, childcare, and retail. This included opportunities in Branson, Winter Park Resort, and the beaches of Orange County. She spent a few years traveling and living out west where she indulged her love of the outdoors; including skiing and hiking. Missing her family roots led her to move back home to the Springfield area where she discovered an interest in the real estate field. Quickly finding a fit with our team, she now gets to assist all sellers, buyers, and vendors.

Courtney has been a vital part of Springfield Realty Group and helps to keep everyone on the same page. She makes sure that everything gets done perfectly and we would not be the team that we are without her!

Kevin RouthKevin Routh
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